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Dynamics SL

about us.

Dynamics SL enthusiasts who use and support the product.  We have each been working with Dynamics SL for 20+ years and with Web Apps since its release.  We saw an opportunity to provide a better experience for Dynamics SL clients while still providing a direct connection to the database.  That means great performance and features, with quick and easy installation and no connectors needed!


Our focus.

To make an easy to use, feature packed, and fast time and expense entry solution that works out of the box with Dynamics SL
Improved Performance

We've taken a bunch of steps to make Accelerator, well, accel. We would love for you to see a demo or even have a free trial on your test system to see for yourself how much faster it is. Reach out to us today to get started!


We've been very careful to add features without making the user experience overwhelming. We're confident you could deploy our solution with little to no training. But we do offer training just in case!

Saving you time (and money)

By making a solution that is easier to use, we hope to save both you and your employees time. More accurate time entry results in less corrections, which can then save you money!

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly striving to make our product better, while not having our users be beta testers! Have an idea for an enhancement? Let us know and you may see it in a new release!

Click below to see a brief demo of timecard entry in Web Apps Accelerator

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What Can Accelerator Offer?

We offer a whole lot out-of-the-box, but if you have needs beyond that, we are happy to discuss custom enhancements.
If you have already setup Web Apps, we can get you up and running on Accelerator the same day you reach out to us. Even if you haven't used Web Apps before, we can have you up and running very quickly!

Better Performance

Load most pages in less than a second. Giving your employees more time to do their billable work and less time, well, entering time!


Two Factor Authentication

Have sensitive data? Want to make sure your employee’s login credentials have not been compromised? Web Apps Accelerator ships with optional Two-Factor Authentication. 


Cleaner Interface

We have taken steps to make our interface easier and quicker to use.  The result?  Happier end users, more accurate time entry and less timecard corrections. 



Have special use-case scenarios?  We can help.  We have a bunch of built in items (including validations) that are customizable without our help, but if you require something that is not currently in the product, we can customize our build to meet your exact needs!


GSA Validations

Our Expense Report Entry handles real time validations using GSA Rates.  We’re helping you stay compliant!  Check out our demo!



We strive to make Accelerator affordable no matter how many (or few) employees you may have.
Our flat fee covers your first 20 employees. Then you pay an additional fee per employee over that amount. As you add more employees, the cost per employee goes down.


We would love for you to be one of the first to give us a testimonial - contact us for a free trial to find out more!

Updates on the Product

We'll post updates regarding new releases and features. Check back for updates!

Version 1.0.5 Released!

As of 7/12/20, we are happy to report that version 1.0.5 is ready for deployment. This release has a minor bug fix as well as more performance enhancements. We also made the expense attachment process a little easier! Reach out to get your copy today!


Get in Touch

Feel free to reach out for a demo, ask questions, make requests, etc. We want you to be happy. We offer a free trial of the product as well as a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
Are you an SL partner or reseller? Reach out to us about your complimentary Web Apps Accelerator trial copy!
Also, ask us about our Partner Program if you have clients that may be interested in our product.